April 1, 2012

So basically the biggest argument against my 10 points on the HHS controversy is that the Church is really big and mean to be hiring people and when you hire people they’re forced to work for you and that’s so mean because now you force your views on them you big meanie and the employees can’t leave because they can’t think for themselves because you’ve taken the life out of them and how will they support their families without a job?

They said I wanted contraception to be unaffordable, when Walmart and Target sell birth control for $9 a month.  I know that would cost 2 lattes from Starbucks, but it seems rather reasonable.

They even had the gall to suggest that I supported Rick Santorum.  Who I have previously called a “torturing-warmongering-death penalty executionist- NDAA & SOPA supporting-Crony Capitalist man known as the Sweater Vest.”

I’m okay with being called an economic illiterate by an economic illiterate, but calling me a Santorum supporter is definitely crossing the line.

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    What I said about Santorum can be applied to Bachmann.
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    No, the biggest argument was that you are ignorant. A statement by which I will absolutely stand, and I’m not going to...
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    I also don’t really understand why someone would work for a Catholic organization if they disagree with Catholic morals.
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    Bolded because it’s a great summation of what people need to get into their heads.
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    Reblogging just to point out how silly most of the arguments against the 10 Points really are. You can have birth...