April 30, 2012

theobamanator said: Your concerns about the drone strikes are well taken, but give him credit for getting out of Iraq. And if we're out of Afghanistan by 2014, as he has promised, you'll need to credit him for that as well.

What are “concerns” to you, are women and children dead.

Obama did get us out of Iraq, because he followed President Bush’s timeline he had signed with Iraq.  The Obama administration fought for months to keep us in Iraq, but Iraq demanded that US troops not be given immunity they were enjoying (you know, in case they raped or murdered Iraqi people).  The Obama administration refused, and so Iraq’s parliament could not accept an extension on the security agreement.  In either case, you we see that we have never left Iraq: http://www.salon.com/2011/12/17/no_the_u_s_is_not_leaving_iraq/

And yeah, I’m not going to get excited about a politician “promising” to withdraw troops in 2014, a full 13 years after hostilities began, with scores more troops and thousands more civilians to be killed between now and then.

Maybe that’s cool with you as you listen to Coldplay on your iphone wearing your “Hope” shirt.  But with me, when people are dying, action must be taken.

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