July 12, 2012
Summer Explorings

My undergraduate degree is in Religious Studies.  So when I was walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday, I couldn’t pass up skipping the International Headquarters of Scientology, and a personal private tour of their L. Ron Hubbard museum.

In the media, it is so difficult to get a sense of what scientology actually believes because it is so easy for it to fall into absurdity and sensationalism.  I appreciated the tour because I at least saw the foundational believes of the religion.  Basically that we are more than our bodies, and having mental afflictions can hamper physical healing (since proven to be true).

Now, they go off base when they turn it into obsessively searching for mental afflictions that MAY have happened even in your past lives.  But I appreciated a deeper understanding of their general worldview.  I could see how the general approach could be appealing to people, especially in our times of New Age spirituality.

I won’t go into the particulars of scientology theology here, but I enjoyed my tour. Up until the very end when I was facing a wall.  The guide said it would reveal many of L. Ron Hubbard’s awards.  So a movie screen curtain parted, music went off, and spotlights started shining randomly revealing many of his trophies and recognitions he had received in his career.  Then the wall parted revealing another wall which had more awards, this then happened again, and yet again.  Finally the fourth wall parted, revealing a huge portrait of L. Ron Hubbard as an audio of his began playing (talking about freeing the self or something).  It was rather strange, and my previous overall view of the tour being a personality cult went into hyper drive.

Anyways, just sharing the joys of Religious Studies and some of my summer stompings.

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