July 12, 2012
Thanks to the Catholic Ladies on Tumblr

They are most helpful and contrary to patriarchal stereotypes, better at technology than I ;)

So, who do you recommend? How would they live out the values of Catholic social teaching? 

I will be either writing in Ron Paul, or voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.  As both Romney and Obama hold radically anti-Life values in regards to war, torture, the death penalty, and in social justice realms, both support theft from retirees and the poor at the profit of the rich through the inflationary policies of the Federal Reserve.

I tend to think that stealing from an entire population every year is wrong.  I’m beyond words as to why other’s find it right.  If we had sound money, gasoline would cost 11c a gallon (assuming a silver dime worth $30/oz and gas at 3.11 a gallon as it more or less is right now).

  1. disgruntled-and-catholic said: I’m actually a male, but I shall take this as a compliment :) If Obama and Romney are both pretty much corporate centralists, why not go far left instead of far right?
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