August 4, 2012
That escalated quickly…

So apparently my Augustinian province (West Coast) is the only province in the US (of the 3) to give pre-novices the robe and cincture of the order. It’s a long standing tradition (When in Rome…)

So I just found out today that I’ll be getting my robe and cincture TOMORROW at evening prayer. The funniest thing was that Fr. Tom casually mentioned this to me in passing.

I quickly went from normal Max to Bieber fever.

Right as I was all excited though, Brother Mark (EphremHipHop) texted to tell me that the robe is a loaner and I’ll get another next year lol.

Now I’m imagining myself in a robe that won’t fit me, because I’m 6’4 lolol.

Thanks for the prayers y’all. And pray that me and a fellow discerner figure out our class situations for this coming semester. It’s pretty complicated and everything is full, but I just figured out two back up plans. K thx bye :)

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