August 7, 2012
The first dollar

Is what our dollar should be worth, the metal it is minted on (as things were before the Federal Reserve). The dollar was linked to the price of metal.

Now the dollar isn’t linked to anything except the word of our politicians. Dollars can be printed out of thin air without having any silver or gold to back them up. So the dollar has steadily lost its purchasing power. What a dollar bought you in the past, it can now hardly buy you anything. (It takes more devalued dollars to buy the same thing).

This is theft. Inflation of 3% means all your savings lose 3% of their value every year. Akin to a robber stealing 3% of your bank account each year.

For various reasons, this system is designed to transfer wealth from the middle class to the wealthy and connected class.

Reading the book “End the Fed” will make much more sense than this probably did. :)