August 23, 2012
It’s fun getting back in the Liturgy of the Hours

One of the reasons I chose religious life, and specifically the Augustinians, is our focus on community life. This means meals in common (most specifically dinner) and prayer in common.

I sought this out because I know that I’m too weak to keep to a schedule on my own. I’ll do it for a week, and then just won’t for two months.

With my brothers, having a set time gives me focus, and I look forward to being in the chapel.

I’m always a prompt person (if I’m on time I’m late lol) so I’m generally the first in the chapel. I enjoy the quiet time I have to myself, and I also enjoy seeing each of the brothers enter the chapel. It gives me a chance to be thankful for their presence in my life, and look forward to the coming day.

And the psalms and prayers themselves? I’ll have more to say about that in the coming posts this week.

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