August 30, 2012
I really think Liberals/Warmongering “Conservatives” don’t understand how debt works

How the rate of interest which we pay on our debt is incredibly low, that there is no reason it will remain that low, and if it were to rise by just a little bit, most of our budget would be consumed in paying interest; not the military, not social security, not Medicare.

You know how every government in history has attempted to get out of debt? They’ve destroyed their currency in order to pay it off. At 20% inflation suddenly a 15 trillion dollar debt becomes 12 trillion (adjusted of course). It becomes easier to pay off because there are more dollars in circulation to pay off the debts owed.

Now this has always destroyed the middle class and the poor. But why are about them? We’ve got wars to fight, corporations to pay, and bureaucracies to manage!

Dang it… Now I want a beer…