August 30, 2012
I fail I see why

While the Santorum’s of the world are fighting gay marriage, they are not fighting to make divorce more difficult, or to make adultery illegal.

Marriage in our society was in a terrible state before the gay movement grew.

It seems strange to think that if we keep the State from redefining marriage in regards to gays, all will be okay; while the State itself is a terrible guardian of the institution of marriage.

We take marriage in the Church much more seriously than the State ever will, and to insist that the State has a legitimate role in licensing marriages that we ourselves would have problems with is false.

Is the state licensing someone who has been divorced 7 times to get married good for marriage?

Is the State granting divorce to someone who “just feels like divorcing” safeguarding marriage?

Is the State licensing a couple to get married by Elvis in Las Vegas good for marriage?

Does the state require counseling, retreats, and discernment before it licenses a marriage?

We DO look inconsistent and hypocritical when we fight gay marriage and do nothing about Elvis marriage in Vegas. So stop acting like gays living together (which they already do) will end society as we know it.

When we stop looking to government to solve this issue, we will finally find our solution.

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