September 3, 2012
This is meant to be a reblog of EphremHipHop’s post, but tumblr is dumb so yeah.

 I preferred it when we took passive aggressive swipes at ideologies, rather than passive aggressive swipes at actual people.

I don’t like logging on here and seeing piss fights between many of the Catholic blogs I follow.

Following a particular blog or liking certain posts on a blog does not mean I agree with everything a blog says, or else that would limit me to only following and liking my own posts.

Fr. Angel, I think you give some great pastoral advice on here to many of the questions that have been sent to you by multiple readers and anons. You have no reason to belittle your blog and yourself by engaging in personal attacks and name calling. If there was a button where I could unfollow these certain posts, and follow your others, I would have pressed it long ago. I do find the posts in question to be uncharitable and vindictive in nature. I understand that you are conservative, when critiquing the liberal wing of the Church (often with good reason), there is no reason to specifically allude to your fights with particular blogs on Tumblr. You are better than that, and it confuses me as to why you have not yet seen it yourself. That said, I still consider you to be as I thought you were at first, human. You easily get angry (my family is Quebecois and thus “Latin” so I get it) and I feel that the Fr. Angel I read on Tumblr is not the Fr. Angel parishioners have grown to love throughout your years of priesthood. I would hope that this post may be an occasion for you to reflect on what you hope your blog to accomplish, and whether your methods align with your goal to bring souls to Christ. That said, as before, this changes nothing in my hope to meet you personally and enjoy some time together. I do think that you must be incredibly funny and personable in person, I just don’t feel like it has always translated online.

As to the HDWP, or however the group is referred to now, I disagree with much of the theology I would assume most of you subscribe to. I follow some of the blogs within the group because I find them educational, well written, and from a different perspective that allows me to view issues from an angle I cant find anywhere else. I enjoy reading about the various female saints you all discuss, and basically how bad ass women can be and have been throughout the life of the Church. I would only counsel that for the good of the Church and the Catholic community on this site, an effort be made amongst yourselves to not be seen so much as a “clique” but rather as strong and unique women of God. I may be wrong, but I have gotten this impression at times while I’ve been on Tumblr, and it has caused division and discord rather than unity and community. Maybe writing this post makes me look like a certain plant bursting through a wall. But I can only tell you of my impressions and thoughts as I have seen them. I pray that your group grows and inspires many in the Church to see the many invaluable gifts women have to offer in its service. All this said, I would be honored to meet any of you in person should we ever meet in real life. Where we could laugh over these things over a beer (or four).

I decided to write this post because this has been going on for too long. I have been waiting to say something, but seeing Br. Mark’s post convinced me that it was time for me to write my own thoughts on the matter. If this is seen, by either of you, as being superfluous and unhelpful, discard it. All I wish to do is to find some ground where we can all move on, and continue living out our lives in building up the Body of Christ.

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