September 21, 2012
I can’t stand when people say

That we can’t use Latin or we shouldn’t change the Mass translation because a word is too hard or too confusing to use.

You know what should be done? Teach the people what it means. Then it’s no longer hard nor confusing.

The beautiful Jesuit parish here in the city uses the Apostles Creed rather than the Nicene Creed (whatever) but the reason they do bothers me. They use the Apostles Creed because of the word “consubstantial” in the Nicene.

Explaining consubstantial is not difficult. Treating the people in the pews like they are idiots is an insult to their dignity as the people of God.

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  2. skybean said: That’s obnoxious, like. I understand your frustration. When older folks complain about it, it’s like. Why don’t you dig a little deeper and find out WHY it’s worth the tongue twister.
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