September 25, 2012
I still am very uneasy with this idea

That so long as Romney promises to repeal the HHS mandate, it’s okay that he’ll use the PATRIOT Act to spy on private correspondence, he’ll use the NDAA to arrest American citizens forever without trial, he’ll torture people (most of them innocent as has already been proven), and continue Obama’s wars and maybe start a new one (or two or three).

We should support civil liberties for all. The Church should have been just as outraged over the HHS mandate as it would be if it targeted another faith.

I just don’t see that defense of everyone’s liberties. Why worry about HHS when you ignore the assassination of 16 year olds?

Where is the coherency?

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  3. vivejesus said: You are asking for coherency in politics. My friend, that can be compared to asking Jesus to turn the Mississippi into a nice Cabernet… Not impossible, but not likely either.
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    Yup. I would even extend that abroad. How many American Catholics care what happens to religious people in China? Or...
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