October 11, 2012
If you have difficulties discussing the wars with your folks

I know the thing that helped me most, was being able to say that my generation, and people I personally know, have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have one friend who was severely injured in Iraq (befriended him after his injury) and still suffers from his injury (100% VA disabled), and another who went to Afghanistan and came back a slightly off in the head (violent temper, short fuse, etc).

I knew him before he left for war, and I’ve known and kept in contact with him since he came back.

These men are not pawns on a chess board. They get hurt, they die, they come back with PTSD.

War isn’t a damn game to score political points. I hope our generation figures this out.

  1. mongrelmutt said: My cousin fought in Iraq, so if I dare say anything against the military, how the wars are pointless, etc. the family reacts like “how can you be so ungrateful for his sacrifice to keep you safe, you bleeding heart liberal so-and-so” :-(
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