October 12, 2012
You Like Atlas Shrugged, What Gives?

What gives is that Atlas Shrugged is a great book. It shows the dangers of what happens when big business and government get together. How government power is abused to benefit cronies. How governments use crises to gain even more power. How governments pay lip service to the common good and do the opposite instead. How governments destroy currencies and that only gold is truly money. How governments abuse civil liberties, etc.

It is scary how spot on Ayn Rand was in these regards.

Just because I enjoyed a book doesn’t mean I agree with everything the book or it’s author has ever said. Too many people are ├╝ber-puritanical about the media they consume. People read one Ayn Rand quote and shrivel up into a little ball and babble about her wanting to starve the poor. It’s nonsense. If you believe that you didn’t get it. Lots of people starve to death towards the end of the book, if you understood what she was saying you’d see why she thinks that’s a great evil. Maybe someone who lived in the Soviet Union has a good sense of what happens when government power runs amuk, wouldn’t you think?

So yeah, I’m going the night of the premiere because I went to the opening of the last movie. I thought the last one was weak. But they got a new cast and crew. I want to support a movie that has libertarian themes rather than the crock pot collectivist themes we usually get in movies.

Most people who hate Ayn Rand are too stuck in the false left-right paradigm to understand what she was really saying. I’ll agree with you if you disagree with her metaphysics and morality. But most people that love her already do.

There’s something else about her writing that is appealing. What other book goes on for over 1000 pages and includes a 30 page monologue speech within it? It’s awesome. I thought it was great and I skipped over most of the speech. It’s an in your face book. I like that. It’s nice to listen to people with strong opinions and convictions.

So no, I’m not a Randian and I never was. But Atlas Shrugged is still one of my favorite books. Because I’m able to listen to great opinions, take the good, and leave out the bad.

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