October 14, 2012
Prayer Intention Sunday

This was a good week for me. I did well on my Ethics midterm that’s 45% of my grade. I aced a paper and test in another philosophy class. I helped a friend move some things into his new apartment and got in some good exercise.

Yesterday I visited our parish in Castro Valley, and before the Vigil Mass met with with fellow Tumblrer (is that a word?) SocialistNurse. It was the first time I’ve ever met anyone I’ve only known through tumblr, so that was fun! I then went out to dinner with the pastor of the parish, and then drive down to San Jose to pick up Fr. Tom from the airport.

He had spent the last two weeks in Hawaii so the pastor from there could take a vacation. I suspect Fr. Tom has a better week then I did lol!

So that’s enough from me. I again want to open my ask box to anyone who would like for me to pray for an intention throughout the week. You can remain anon.

Pax Christi!