October 14, 2012
Anathamizing non-Romney Voters

I guess the biggest problem that I have with this tendency that many people have in the Catholic blogosphere is the tendency to equate “voting for Romney” as following Christ.

If this were true, it’d show the sad and pathetic state the Catholic political thought has descended into.

Voting for Romney can NEVER be equated with following Jesus.

Further, as far as I know, there are not any bishops on Tumblr. Excommunication is something that is reserved to the bishop of whatever particular diocese a person resides in (generally). The Church has not mandated that lay people go on tumblr to excommunicate others in the name of the Church.

If you don’t have a mitre on your head, you shouldn’t be excommunicating ANYONE. This really drives me up a wall.

And for people that criticize others for compromising by voting for a pro-abortion candidate, how are you not compromising by voting for someone who has:

A) Said they will not change abortion policy

B) Violated religious liberty as governor by ordering Catholic hospitals to handout emergency contraception

C) Supports torture, an intrinsic evil

D) Supports assassination of American citizens based solely on his opinion that a person is guilty

E) Supports the death penalty

F) Will continue Obama’s many wars and will escalate saber rattling with Iran

If that is what the “pro-life” movement represents. Then the pro-life movement is dead.

And no, the answer isn’t to vote Obama. The answer is to stop playing into the hands of the establishment that has played the pro-life movement like a drum. Imagine if 10% of Catholics refused to vote for either Romney or Obama. You better believe the parties would change their tune quickly.

Jesus said that the poor widow put more money into the poor box then any of the rich. Voting your conscience for a 3rd party candidate (or leaving the field blank) is far superior to voting for Obama or Romney.

Compromise and voting the “lesser” of evils (ha!) has brought us 16 trillion in debt, in multiple wars, active torturing regimes, and abortion policy more or less unchanged over the last 30 years.

Enough is enough. The lesser of two evils policy (which shockingly only accelerates or slightly decelerates evil) has failed.

So stop anathemizing people’s inboxes on tumblr. Stop placing Romney on the same level as Christ. And stop supporting the “lesser” evils of the world. It is poisonous and self destructive.

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