May 3, 2013

Unclear why progressives think it’s wrong for government to control our sexual decisions, but right for government to control our economic decisions. ┬áIsn’t the principle the same?

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  2. neenj61 answered: Your sex life should be kept private.
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  5. theonlygoodisknowledge answered: Taxation, for example, is used to better the lives of people within society. Controlling sexual decisions doesn’t help anyone.
  6. passiveaggressivepositivity answered: No matter how much conservatives want to pretend that sexual decisions are a societal adventure, they aren’t. Economics affects everyone.
  7. theoryofmerp answered: Progessives see economic decsions as effecting others but sexual decisions as personal and less likely to endanger others rights/wellbeing.
  8. gbabbit22 answered: Unclear why conservatives prattle on and on about personal freedoms yet seek to deny them to so many.
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    Yes, it absolutely is. You can’t have personal freedom without economic freedom, and vice versa.
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