April 23, 2013
Syria: It’s the Oil, Stupid.

History has a great way of repeating itself, often to so long after past events.  As such in the digital age it is very easy to connect the dots and realize what is going on, especially in geopolitical conflicts that the corporate media doesn’t want you to understand.

You may remember that I’ve called out the Syrian rebels before as being heavily populated by Al Qaeda linked groups who regularly desecrate Christian Churches.  Our corporate media doesn’t like to report too much on these things because it has been trying to get you to hate the Syrian regime (which has its own problems).

The question naturally becomes, “Why do we support these Al Qaeda type groups in Syria when we are supposedly fighting a War on Terror?”  Well, it helps to pay attention and have the right sources, because the rebel forces have promised Europe a sweet heart deal on Syrian oil from the territories that they control.  In fact, just yesterday the European Union (Last years’ Nobel Peace Prize winner, naturally) lifted oil sanctions on the rebels in an attempt to get the oil flowing again.  The article also concludes with the UK and France wanting to lift EU sanctions against sending weapons to the rebels as well.  LOL, can’t you see?  ”Get the oil flowing, baby!  Give them guns so they can defend the oil, and we have ourselves a new Western Owned puppet dictatorship in the Middle East.

How am I able to connect the dots?  Because in Libya, just two years ago, those Al Qaeda backed Libyan rebels promised France 35% of Libya’s oil 17 days BEFORE the NATO bombing campaign started.

See the pattern?

October 14, 2012

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October 12, 2012
The EU Getting the Nobel Peace Prize Makes Perfect Sense

Because while the UK, France, and Italy waged war on behalf of Al Qaeda backed rebels in Libya, they did so under the disguise of NATO, not the EU.

This is why semantics are important.

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