May 10, 2012
“Aren’t You Supposed to Hate Me?”: Calvinism and the Politics of the Damned

Fascinating blog post on the poisoned nature of American political discourse, and its roots in our nation’s Calvinistic roots.

An excerpt:

We Americans are hardly ever more Calvinistic and puritanical than when we are at politics. I observe this not about any particular political ideology or party, but about them all.

It is no wonder, of course. America was founded by such people. Calvinist anthropology is deep in our cultural DNA, and it is perhaps most prevalent in those who reject Christianity entirely. Their political opponents are “unloving,” “evil,” “hateful,” etc. There is little attempt actually to convince others of the rightness of their positions, only the assertion that opposing them makes the opponent a terrible person. You must hate me if you do not agree with me.

But “You hate me” is probably the silliest argument there is. It not only presumes a knowledge of someone else’s inner psychological state that is impossible, but it also is a defeatist attitude and presumes that one’s opponents are beyond redemption—and one’s own position is naturally what constitutes redemption.

January 10, 2011
Westboro “church” to protest funeral of 9 year old victim of AZ shooter because she is Catholic

Think this is something the Catholic community of Tumblr can rally around.  Please pray for peace, pray for healing, and pray for the newest saint of our faith Christina.  Funeral will be on Thursday 1/13

January 6, 2011
Egypt's Muslims to Act as Human Shields for Christian Neighbors

Love > Hate

December 21, 2010

There’s a cop at the Church here at Blessed Sacrament Parish because someone painted a swastika on our “Mission Concerns” flyer.  I guess some people actually oppose helping out the poor of Tijuana.  That’s pretty sad.  At least they just did it to a paper flyer and not the Church itself.  If you’re in San Diego and have some extra clothes bring it by the Church, we’ll get it in the right hands.

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