June 24, 2014


Today the Church celebrates the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. In Québec this is celebrated by everyone wearing blue, lighting bonfires, and shooting off fireworks!

You better believe I’ll be putting up birthday decorations in our monasteries’ dining room and will have everyone sing Happy Birthday for John the Baptist :)

January 20, 2014
Modern St. Sebastian statue from a museum in Niterói, across the bay from Rio de Janeiro.  He is patron of Rio and is associated with the plight of the Amazonian indigenous and deforestation.

Modern St. Sebastian statue from a museum in Niterói, across the bay from Rio de Janeiro. He is patron of Rio and is associated with the plight of the Amazonian indigenous and deforestation.

November 1, 2013
"Death is, then, no cause for mourning, for it is the cause of mankind’s salvation."

— St. Ambrose

October 18, 2013
Sister Antonia Brenner dies at 86; nun moved into Tijuana prison to tend to inmates


Love: How it’s done.

She was beloved in San Diego, I never met her but often collected things at the parish to send “to the prison.” She was fearless and had a great heart of mercy.

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September 6, 2012

August 28, 2012

July 12, 2012
sweet disposition: Calling all Catholics...


Hola! (:
So I’ve been raised Christian but have always seen Catholism & Christianity as basically the same thing with more similarities than differences.

My question is about praying to the saints & to Mary. I was wondering why Catholics pray to them. Is it a tradition or something based off…

In the simplest of senses, all saints are people who are in Heaven.

Just as I can pray for you, and you can pray for me; Catholics believe that the grave cannot stop love.

Just as it pleases God to work through me, or to work through you, or to work through anyone else; God can work through someone who has passed from this earth, but is alive in Him!

So if I can ask you to pray for me, and that pleases God, why would it not please God that I ask someone in Heaven to pray for me?  That is all Catholics do when we “pray to saints”.  Because really we aren’t praying to saints, as much as we are asking them to pray for us to God.

Catholics hold Mary as the highest of saints, because she was the first to accept Jesus.  She was the first to accept her Son at the Annunciation.  She raised Him.  And in a most mind blowing sense, God chose HER to be His mother!  Thus we respect (but not worship!) her.  We honor her as the highest of creatures, but not as God.

hope this helps :)

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May 17, 2012
St. Peter: The First Pope

The pope is easily the most well known figure of the Catholic world.  His quotations and thoughts are consistently front page news in our newspapers, and millions of people flock to see him when he travels.  It is a far cry from beginnings of the Church, when accepting the office of the papacy meant almost certain death in the face of constant Roman persecution (many of the popes were martyred).  Where did this office come from?  Is it merely a human invention or something Christ desired for His Church?  To better understand the papacy we need to go to Caesarea-Philippi, where Jesus spoke his now famous words to St. Peter, who before this was named Simon:


“And so I say to you, you are Peter [Rock], and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.  I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven.  Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 16:18-19).


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March 19, 2012
Love this icon of St. Joseph!

Love this icon of St. Joseph!

December 19, 2011
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha is going to be a SAINT!

I’m so excited!  I love Kateri!!!!!

Here’s an article on her: http://www.blackandindianmission.org/kateri-tekakwitha/

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December 13, 2011
"The Church has ever proved indestructible. Her persecutors have failed to destroy her. In fact, it was during times of persecution that the Church grew more and more; while the persecutors themselves, and those whom the Church would destroy, are the very ones who came to nothing."

— St. Thomas Aquinas

November 14, 2011
Anti-Nazi priest Carl Lampert beatified in Austria

I love my Church. I remain faithful to my Church and to the priesthood. I am on Christ’s side and I love His Church.”

November 13, 2011
The Day Bl. Mother Teresa Put a Communist in his Place

November 1, 2011
The Stunning Story of Blessed Jose

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October 19, 2011
The Mohawk who Martyred St. Isaac Jogues Later Converted

And took Isaac Jogues as his baptismal name.  

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