February 11, 2014



The media creates a false narrative and does a disservice to truth when it pits “science” and “creation” at being at odds with another. There is no actual conflict between the two, the ones creating conflict are scientists who have little understanding…

If I’m disputing the false dichotomy as being a false dichotomy, it is quite a stretch to say that I am “reinforcing” the dichotomy. The popularity of the post seems to suggest that it resonated with people.

The media typically only presents the issue of teaching evolution in schools by suggesting that there are only two possible “camps” a person could belong to: the “scientist” camp that doesn’t believe in God, and the “creationist” camp that only endorses YEC or “intelligent design” (ID in this case being limited to a “God of the gaps”.)

The media is thus doing a disservice to the truth and a disservice to the public it claims to inform. Through presenting a false dichotomy it forces people to think that their belief in the sound science of evolution must lead them to deny God. This is NOT true.

And this is a real issue, I’ve dealt with this many times, of good people who believe in God and believe in science and are trying to reconcile the two because a newspaper article or the local news suggested they “can’t” be reconciled. That’s what I’m criticizing. The media would do many millions of people a great favor by saying that science belongs in science class and the concept of God in philosophy and theology classes; and that evolution has absolutely no bearing on the existence or non existence of God. They’d do an even better job it they showed people of faith who believed in evolution, like Fr. Georges Lemaitre, who proposed the Big Bang Theory, thus showing that there were more “sides” to this issue.

But the media doesn’t want to do that because the media likes to propose things in false dichotomies that keep people apart rather than bringing them together. That’s the problem. Because every time someone asks, “Do you believe in God or do you believe in evolution?” It fails to see that the right answer may just be, “both.”

February 6, 2014
Bill Nye, Ken Ham, and the Catholic Third Way | Strange Notions

February 4, 2014

Science rests upon having faith that the universe in which one finds oneself is intelligible and can be measured in a way that can objectify our perception of reality.

Not enough people have an appreciation for the philosophical foundation that makes science possible.


February 4, 2014

The media creates a false narrative and does a disservice to truth when it pits “science” and “creation” as being at odds with one another. There is no actual conflict between the two, the ones creating conflict are scientists who have little understanding of philosophy, and second rate theologians who cannot imagine a God bigger than their own understanding.

April 30, 2013
"Those who fear science worship the limitations they place on their conception of God, rather than God."

July 12, 2012

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May 13, 2012
Genesis and Evolution

Background:  The Hebrews were exiled inBabylon.  There they were separated from theTemple, the very essence of their faith and their connection to God.  While inBabylonthey encounter the Babylonian creation myth called the “Enuma Elish”.  The Enuma Elish describes creation as the result of a war between two gods, and that humans (called savages) were created solely to serve as slaves to the gods.

 The Hebrew people while inBabylonbegin to write down their history and stories in order to preserve their heritage.  The first chapter of Genesis is written to help explain where we come from and our relationship to God, as well as our relationship to the rest of creation.

Creation according to Genesis 1:

Earth is a “formless void”, “wasteland”.

Works of Division                                             Works of Decoration

Day One: Separate Light and Darkness     Day Four: Sun and Moon

Day Two: Separate the Waters (sky, ocean)      Day Five: Fish and birds

Day Three: Land and vegetation               Day Six: Animals, Humankind

Day Seven: God rests 

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January 11, 2012
And Santorum has Reached a New Level of Low in my Book

"On occasion scientists working on the nuclear program in Iran turn up dead. I think that’s a wonderful thing, candidly," said Rick Santorum

Please Rick Santorum, tell us more about your great respect for life!  Nothing promotes family values like dead scientists!  Of course, the only crime these scientists are being accused of is developing a peaceful nuclear energy program.  Iran is a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, which means it has every right to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes, and it submits to international inspections.  In other words, even though official reports from our own government show that Iran is not anywhere close to building a bomb, Santorum thinks it is great that we are killing Iranian scientists, who for all intensive purposes, are simply trying to develop a new source of power for their country.

I just can’t take this ignorance and stupidity from Santorum anymore. 

December 27, 2011
My Faith: An unexpected Christmas at South Pole

Some believe that their lives and very existence are a matter of random chance or simply the result of cosmic and biological processes. Behind such processes, they do not see any hand guiding it all. Much of the astounding science that occurs on Antarctica is immersed with understanding the origins and health of our planet. But it cannot answer fundamental human questions, “Why am I here?” “Is there a plan for my life?”

On this icy, frozen continent, we are humbled. It reminds us of our frail humanity. When I entered the South Pole station and I took off my thick goose-down parka, my clerical collar and lettering on my shirt saying “chaplain” were clearly visible. I walked down the corridor of the South Pole station, and there were more than a few faces that smiled and welcomed me. They said they’re glad I’m here.

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